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WTN understands that your travel is a necessity, critical for business success, and may arise on a moments notice.
To this end, WTN provides business travelers with comprehensive, quality and cost effective economy and business class services to and for worldwide destinations. From automobile/limousine and alternate forms of transportation, as well as hotel reservations, entertainment arrangements, and a myriad of other services tailored to your corporate travel and meeting requirements, WTN is a one stop shop source for your business.

Through its centralized customer information system, WTN takes great effort to learn and customize clients’ travel preferences, so as to base future travel arrangements on the same, thereby maximizing efficiency, and minimizing your effort. In short, we get to know our customers so well, that we understand exactly what you would want in your travel arrangements, without your needing to tell us. This allows us to to more effectively utilize this knowledge and obtain benefits within your personalized parameters. Whether it is planning an impressive outdoor meeting for your clients in a city of your choice, utilizing WTN maps and local news geared to the corporate traveler, or availing yourself of our all encompassing impromptu services at a moments notice, we are there for you 24 hours a day.

All WTN corporate clients receive a 10-30% discount on major airlines, a dedicated WTN corporate agent available 24 hours a day, customized travel and accounting management reports showing fare savings and potential future savings based on travel consumption patterns, corporate transportation rates and volume based discounts, accessibility to global cellular telephone and data services, travel insurance, and VIP services among others.

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