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Come to the largest democracy in the world. Welcome to India. This country identifies itself as "unity in diversity." Few countries in the world have a tradition and culture as diverse as this multi-faceted land called India. Migration from distant lands has significantly enriched this country. This ethnic diversity is reflected in its 17 major languages and over 900 dialects. Whether its the deserts in the state of Rajasthan, renowned beaches of Goa, backwaters of Kerala also known as "God's own country", islands of Lakshadweep, beauty of Kashmir, and/or the awe inspiring "Mount Everest" and "Taj Mahal," India beckons tourists from across the world. In addition to its vast culture, India is also a premier center of business.

Companies throughout the world have seized on India as a land in which talented labor is abundant. From this talented labor has emerged a new workforce, who are now new consumers, and resulting markets have created an increased demand for goods and services.

For both the leisure and business traveler, WTN's Indian network spans the whole country, and everything in between. Its services to and in India encompass anything and everything a person may need to enjoy the country to the greatest extent, and/or successfully conduct business.

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